Our brand

Our company stands for soft values. In our products we have round shapes and bright colors.

In our products we use rounded or circular shapes. In general level they present unity, integration and infinity: without beginning or end. Since all is cyclic, the end is always followed by a new beginning.


The symbolism of round shape

The rounded shape has several meanings in different cultures. It symbolizes the universe, the eternal circulation of life and the continual natural energy. It represents the union between the Earth and Heaven. It is also seen as protective symbol.

When sleeping, animals tend to wrap themselves in a circular shape. This position represents calmness and feeling safe.



In the eyes of animals the rounded shape is variable and every animal has its own original hues of colour. They repeat the same bright, fresh colors that our brand represents. The eyes are also the mirror of the soul and everyone´s personality and character is reflected in their eyes.